Monday, March 30, 2009

Tristan rolled over but I missed the action

This morning during tummy time, Tristan rolled completely over for the first time. No worries, I had him on the camping mat on the floor :) No falls this time! I went to turn on some music on the computer and when I returned, he was on his back. Naturally, I went to grab the camera hoping he would do it again but nope. At this point, he was getting sick of tummy time and started fussing. We both got the feeling he was close to rolling actually. Last night, Jean-Louis and I both observed him on his side a lot in his crib. I saw the same thing when I changed his diaper this morning. Well, next time he does it again, I'll try to capture it on video.

Today, we also went to the doctor's for Tristan's 4th month shots. It was just 2 in the legs and he didn't cry as much as the first time. The next shot will be for his 6th month and it will only be 1 shot, which is nice. When we got home he had a huge nap. It was over 2 hours so I had to wake him up for feeding. I could see him sleeping much longer if I didn't wake him. I wanted to let him sleep or play or whatever he wanted to today since it was shot day. It's all part of the "babying him around shot day policy" I have in place.

At the doctor's we also found out that Tristan is now 14 pounds 7 ounces. Wow! For weight, he falls somewhere between the 50-75 percentile. That means he is feeding well so I'm happy :) I was a bit worried there because he spits up and vomits so much milk lately and I really didn't feel like I was producing much milk anymore.


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