Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Last Post

It's been great having this space to document my parenting journey with Tristan. The time has come for me to stop blogging here and to start living a little more privately offline.

Over the past four years, I have grown a lot as a blogger and a writer. Thank you to all those who followed me and to all those who stopped by to read and comment on my posts. Thank you for your kind words and support. Although this was mainly a private blog for myself and those close to me, it was still nice to know that other people came by to read it from time to time. I hope you were able to find what you were looking for when your searches landed on my blog :)

I also want to thank you for your not so kind words. Yes, I got a few of those too! The negative comments definitely made an impact on my writing style moving forward so I want to thank everyone who cared enough to be honest with me, even if it made me feel downright crappy at first. Lol. I learned from all of you! Thank you.

Each of my top five posts had significantly more views than any other post. At No. 5, was my post "Already tired of being a stay at home mom." Many of you searched for that and found my blog. Somehow that news is reassuring to me :) I definitely like knowing that I am not alone. It's the sad truth really. We all know it is hard to be a parent but when we confess that we don't like it sometimes, people are quick to judge us. Why do we have to smile through it all when in reality we sometimes just want to run away? Don't be so hard on parents. That's something I learned when I became a parent.

My top 5 posts of all time (by far!):
  1. Our 14 month old fell down the stairs
  2. Homemade cake pops
  3. Getting a passport for baby under 3 years old
  4. Patient care at Burnaby Hospital's Maternity Unit
  5. Already tired of being a stay at home mom
The following pictures are the most recent ones of Tristan. Big boy Tristan! Thank you for visiting and take care :)

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