Friday, October 31, 2008

Milestone Day: 37 Weeks Gestation

Happy Halloween Everyone!  I have an announcement to make.  We have finally reached our full term!  37 weeks is a long, long time.

For the first time in many years, I will not be carving a pumpkin :(  Carving is hard work and a bit too physical for me right now in my state.  This Halloween is going to slip by without notice here.  We don't even have candy but no one comes around anyway.  To make it worst for kids this year, it's been raining all day.  But it's beautiful outside with all the autumn leaves falling on the ground though.  This used to be my favorite season every time someone asked me.  That kind of makes it appropriate to be having a baby soon.

How am I feeling?  The same and ready.  Well, sort of ready.  I could use a couple more days.  Jean-Louis needs those few extra days to build me our app on his iTouch.  I actually look forward to testing this geeky project of ours :)  So yeah, maybe after this weekend, we'll be "ready."
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