Thursday, March 19, 2009

Multitasking, working with distractions and interruptions, and lots of planning

Oh boy! Today, I was on the phone with the guy I'm working for and Tristan cried in my arms. Yes, this is what I have to deal with these days. Luckily, the guy knows about Tristan and is very understanding. He was like "anytime you want to go, just say so." So it started out bad and I actually called him to postpone the phone call but then in the end we talked for nearly 2 hours. Tristan fussed, cried, then fell asleep in my arms. I had the phone against my chin, I had to open files on my computer, browse sites, check emails, and take notes. It went alright but it wasn't the greatest. My mind wasn't as clear and my responses could have been better.

If you want to work at home while taking care of a baby, you need to learn how to work with distractions, interruptions, and be able to multitask. A task that would normally take you 30 minutes may take you a couple of hours as a result. Like posting a blog entry for instance :)

Planning also helps to save you time and make you more efficient. However, that didn't really pay off for me much today though. I had scheduled a phone meeting between 2 and 4PM since that is typically when Tristan takes his long afternoon nap. Today, for the first time at home, he decides not to sleep then. When I called at 4:30PM to postpone my phone call, Tristan was already getting cranky because he needed to nap but hadn't yet. Go figure.

As frustrating and stressful as it may be, I think this is just the reality of it. As time passes, I think I can get better at working under this environment. Of course, it helps to work for people who knows you and truly understands your situation. The guy I work for is really nice and is awesome!


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