Monday, March 23, 2009

Tristan fell off the stool and did a somersault

Tristan had his first accident today. In the office, we usually use the footstool for his morning tummy time exercise. Tristan was hanging forward so much that he tipped over and fell head first on the floor. I was looking at my email and starting up Skype when I heard a thump. I looked behind and saw him on the floor. I totally freaked out. He cried and I held him and I felt so guilty :( I fed him and then called Jean-Louis at work. Will a 4 month old be okay in a fall? He did land head first but we have carpet here. Jean-Louis did a bit of research and sent me the following links about babies who have fallen:
I still haven't gotten over the shock. I worried that there might be some neck injury or even worst, brain damage. It's a small fall but he is still small and fragile. With all the media attention these days on the "talk and die" syndrome since Natasha Richardson died from a head injury during skiing, I'm scared. I have done everything I could to keep Tristan healthy and safe. I can't believe this just happened.

Well, I've decided today not to do much and just baby Tristan around. I'm going to monitor him for unusual behavior. So far, nothing is out of the ordinary.


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