Friday, March 20, 2009

Tristan is 4 months old

Another month has gone by and Tristan is doing great. He is a pleasure to be with these days since he smiles and laughs easily. He can grab and stuff toys in his mouth. And drool - lots of drool! He practically wears a bib all day because of it. If it's not drool, it's spitting up milk. I must be overfeeding him or something. Compared to other babies, he isn't that big so I figured I should try and feed him more but at times, he simply just doesn't want it. He's also not as focused on feeding as before, now that he is more interested in what is going on around him. For instance, he loves looking at my computer screen saver. It rotates through a series of nature pattern photos and he just loves to stare. When I try to turn and feed him, he has his head lifted forward trying to view the screen. If it's not my computer, it's our shelf of books. Well, what else is there interesting to look at in the office? I really should bring him outside more.

Tristan definitely knows me. I sense that he is becoming more and more attached to me as the days go by. One time, I was holding him by the computer surfing away and then I looked down at him and saw him staring intensely at me. It was like he was looking at my soul. I now catch him doing that quite a few times. He just likes to be with me and I know he feels safe. When he cries his eyes out (usually with Jean-Louis in the evening) and he is shaking and sobbing, I just hold him and he curls up and slowly calms down. It's nice to have that kind of power and affect on someone. It makes me feel special.

At 4 months, he is a bit in between clothing size. We're still dressing him in 3 month clothes that fit him and also 6 month clothes. Most of the 6 months stuff is swimming in him but oh well. You don't really find clothes that are 4 or 5 month in size. I guess because a baby's growth really slows down between 3 and 6 months. Gymboree has clothing size 3-6 months, which is nice. If you ask me though, it fits more like a 6 month.

Hair. His hair is growing but there still isn't a lot of it compared to other babies I know. It's this really soft fuss and at the front it's starting to spike a bit. It's cute though and you just can't help but want to stroke it. Little hair means less maintenance for us so that's great!

When I think about it, 4 months is actually quite a long time to be caring for a baby. Can you imagine babysitting for that long? We have all survived each other, which I think is amazing. I think we're doing pretty good caring for Tristan and he isn't that difficult of a baby. Jean-Louis would probably disagree if you asked him. I mean compared to many others, things could have been much worst for us. So far so good anyways. It's still one big learning adventure.


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