Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feels like a happy productive weekend

You know that feeling you get when things get done and you still have time to have fun? Well, that is how I feel about this past weekend. On Saturday, I put the finishing touches on our taxes and we went to Highgate Village to mail it. Phew! I have been working on those taxes for weeks on and off. At Save-Ons we purchased a few bargain items including 2 for 1 packs of croissant. I don't remember Save-On croissants being so good. Of course, they were just baked from the oven and we were super hungry when we got home. 12 croissants for $3.49 is so cheap! I always feel good about getting a great deal :)

We finally brought down the jumperoo for Tristan and am slowly increasing the amount of time he gets to spend in it. We took lots of pictures too of course! His exersaucer, once in the living room, is now in our office (Eeeks!). He enjoys that so much more than just being in his bouncy chair with toys. We're trying really hard not to spoil him so fast with these toys - else he will get bored really fast of everything!

Jean-Louis finished all his todos for our iPhone app Saturday so I know he had a productive time. Today, after I worked an hour for my work, I spent some time testing out the app and started compiling a new list of todos for him. Yeah, it seems like it never ends. Most of it was just about polishing it up though :)

Jean-Louis cleaned the house Saturday and I cooked for us. Today, the weather was beautiful so we decided to go out with the stroller with Tristan. It was a nice walk and I have to say I am totally out of shape. I'm starting to feel a big urge to run again. 15°C - I'm waiting for it to be 15°C first. As a treat for being so good and productive this weekend, we're about to watch Twilight. We just rented and downloaded it from the iTunes store.


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