Monday, March 16, 2009

How to have a productive weekend with a baby

Typically, we try to cram work in on the weekend while we both take care of Tristan. This usually results in us both working on and off for stretches of 10 minutes at a time, taking our time to get started, and killing time either by playing games or surfing tabloid news. When Tristan finally naps, we both catch up on house chores. Then before we know it, the weekend is gone and we really got nothing done.

In an attempt to get more work done, this past weekend we decided to try something new. It has been taking us forever to finish our iPhone app and I really wanted Jean-Louis to get moving on all the development to-dos I outlined for him weeks ago. For myself, I had to work on our taxes since I'm the family and business accountant and our website is still a long way from being done. Before the weekend started, I proposed that we take turns working while the other took care of Tristan. I wanted us both to have 4 hours of work each in the day. I was like "Let's try it out just for a day and see how it works!" It was Jean-Louis' idea to split it into 2 hour shifts, which made more sense since I had to breastfeed about every 3 hours. All our work time was logged and once the shift was over, we would notify the other person and switch. When it was our turn to take care of Tristan, we were also responsible for house chores such as laundry or cooking. After breakfast on Saturday, we wasted no time. Our plan worked like a charm! With 2 hours of uninterrupted time at each sitting, we both got lots done! It worked so well that we both ended the day having trouble sleeping since we were thinking so much about work. The next day on Sunday, we went back to our slacking (sort of). Oh well! We're allowed one day to slack and bum around. Anyways, this weekend was productive so we'll definitely give this a go again next weekend :)


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