Monday, March 16, 2009

Phone in one hand and Tristan in the other

Today, I had to call the tax people. I waited until Tristan was asleep but when I was put on hold for too long and Tristan woke up, I had to go get him. Trying to jungle Tristan while on the phone sucks when he is fussing. With the phone right there too, the tax guy heard him loud and clear. I tried to hurry to get the information I needed. "So the amount in Box 38 gets added to the Adjusted cost base of column 3?" Frantically, I tried using the pacifier on Tristan to try and mute him. And of course it falls onto the ground - doh! I had to apologize to the tax guy - what else could I have done? It wasn't a client phone call but it felt a little embarrassing.

In the afternoon, I was on the phone with Jean-Louis, trying to discuss taxes with him and then later giving him the grocery list. Tonight, I was on the phone again but with SFU. Yeah, it was a big phone day! The alumni people were trying to ask for money and Jean-Louis just had to pick up the phone. Tristan was fussing again. I promised to take him tonight so that Jean-Louis could work more on our app. The guy on the phone heard Tristan and I was actually hoping he would excuse me for it but nope. We get a lot of calls from telemarketers and that sort of felt like one. I find them annoying.

Tristan doesn't exactly have a sleep schedule so it's a bit difficult to schedule calls. He typically naps for 30-45 minutes 2 hours after he gets up in the morning. His afternoon nap is longer and is usually between 1:30-3PM and lasts for around 2 hours. Then in the evening, he naps again for about 30 minutes. That equates to around 4 hours of napping a day and he sleeps around 9 hours in the night. For his age, that is normal according to the chart on babycenter.


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