Thursday, March 26, 2009

A mommy's boy!

Man, I'm feeling like Tristan is becoming so attached to me. It's not enough that I'm present and he sees me. I actually have to hold him to please him. Arrggg! What the!!! All this clinginess will have to change or I'll go nuts. In fact, I'm holding him right now as I type - doh!

I was reading an article on CNN about wanting to get away from the kids. These days, I sure feel like I need a vacation away from Tristan. In this article, the father made a deal with his wife after the arrival of their first child. They split up night time duties and he chose the task of rocking the baby to sleep while his wife agreed to bathing. To his surprise, rocking the baby was the wrong choice and turned out not as pleasant as he imagined. His wife would finish her task in 10 minutes and he would spend 2 hours rocking the baby to sleep. While doing it, he would also "break every rule about putting babies to bed" - yeah, I laughed when I read that part :) It's so true though. Women, in general, are just so much better at care taking.

This article got me thinking, how come we don't do that? We should take turns or split the baby chores too, even if it's torturous for Jean-Louis. The father in this article wasn't let off so easily. Yes, we're going to try this!

A couple of days ago, Jean-Louis actually took over the task of bathing Tristan since he is not as fragile anymore. We decided long ago about the switch over once Tristan turns 4 months. I still help set things up for bath time. Putting the baby to sleep, however; is much harder so I have been the one doing it. Jean-Louis just can't do it - unless I allow Tristan to cry himself to sleep. This has been going on for as long as I remember. It usually doesn't take me long to put Tristan to sleep and he doesn't resist that much but when Jean-Louis tries, he freaks out. Some times, Jean-Louis is better off not even touching Tristan or he'll cry harder.

Bad, bad, bad. Just because I'm better at it, doesn't mean I should do it. In fact, I'm better at doing most things here but it's not fair that I do everything. When it comes to putting Tristan to sleep, he is associating me with that task so it just won't work with Jean-Louis. The more I do it, the worst it will get. He has to allow either of us to put him to sleep. Starting this weekend, Jean-Louis and I will take turns on alternating nights. We're definitely going to lose sleep over this but lately, we all haven't been sleeping very well at night. This week, Tristan decided to go on some weird sleeping cycle and wakes up almost every half hour to every hour after his mid- night feeding. We're going to need some good coffee this weekend!


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