Sunday, March 1, 2009

Interview with Daddy about his parental leave

Wow, it has been a month already since Jean-Louis has been home with Tristan and I. Where did all that time go! It certainly was useful having him around and I'm not looking forward to being alone again next week :( I know I won't be able to get as much work done anymore. Good thing we have a lot of leftover food.

Jean-Louis' parental leave now comes to a close and he will return to work on Monday. I thought I would take this chance to interview him about his experience at home with little Tristan. Below is the outcome of that interview :)

Susan: What made you decide to take a leave from work?

Jean-Louis: Well, you needed more time to work. At the same time I wanted to spend more time bonding with Tristan (and I wanted to work on my own projects).

Susan: What was your goal when you started?

Jean-Louis: There was no goal really. To submit our iPhone app :)

Susan: Describe your typical day with Tristan while you were on leave.

Jean-Louis: Early diaper duty, tummy time, more diaper duty, crying (for the baby, that is), nap time, play time, lots of carrying around, bath time assistance, more crying, and bed time.

Susan: How valuable was it to have me at home as well?

Jean-Louis: Since, you're breastfeeding, it's quite valuable. For guidance and for you to take him if I can't console him... it was quite valuable.

Susan: Could you have handled it all on your own from 9-5 Monday to Friday?

Jean-Louis: No. I would have gone crazy.

Susan: You took 1 month off for your parental leave. Was it enough?

Jean-Louis: Well, enough to bond with Tristan but not enough for the app (laugh, laugh...)

Susan: In that time, would you say that you have "bonded" with Tristan?

Jean-Louis: Yeah, I think so.

Susan: Was it what you expected?

Jean-Louis: It was better than what I expected in terms of dealing with the baby. I thought it would be more tiring and busier.

Susan: Are you glad you took parental leave? Would you do it again?

Jean-Louis: Yes. Definitely.

Susan: For all those expectant fathers out there, what advice could you offer them about taking a leave from work?

Jean-Louis: Make sure you don't start out by yourself the first few days. You need to slowly get used to caring for your baby. Make sure you keep a bit of time for yourself so that you don't get consumed by the baby.


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