Wednesday, April 1, 2009

@mommyingaround is on Twitter

That's right. I officially joined so that I can post real time updates to my blog. If you look to the right side, you will now find a block called "Twitter Updates." This is the Twitter badge I've added to the blog so those that read my blog regularly can find updates of what I'm doing right there. For those that don't read my blog and simply want to follow me, I'm @mommyingaround on Twitter. Now, I promise not to tweet much about poos, pees, spitting up milk etc., especially since @CocoaGeek objects. But please, this is a mommy blog so I can mention these things once in awhile. What do you think happens everyday to a stay-at-home mom anyways? The question of "what am I doing right now" is often answered with feeding, diaper changing, poopy accidents etc. But yes, I understand Twitter and I will tweet about things that are interesting and ask good questions. Don't worry Daddy!

With this new addition, the right side of the blog is beginning to look a bit cluttered. I've decided to remove the poll I posted a long time ago of "WHO DOES TRISTAN LOOK MORE LIKE?" Nine people voted and the results were the following:
  • Mommy, Susan: 5 (55%)
  • Daddy, Jean-Louis: 3 (33%)
  • Neither (Whose kid is this?): 1 (11%)
A couple of people did mention that the photo of Tristan I posted was not a fair one so I did change it a couple of times. I tried my best to pick one that had a neutral expression. Anyway, the general consensus is that Tristan has my eyes and the rest is Jean-Louis. I think Tristan has my cauliflower ears too (unfortunately). I don't have any baby pictures of myself to do a comparison but when we look at Jean-Louis' baby pictures, Tristan does look a lot like him. They have the exact same hair and Daddy sort of had beady eyes as a baby too :)


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