Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dressing your baby and staying at home... what's wrong with that?

Apparently, Halle Berry is a shopaholic when it comes to baby clothes. She shops online and buys more than what her 1 year old daughter can wear. Her boyfriend, Gabriel, tells her to stop since the baby doesn't even go outside. I actually do the same with Tristan. I change him out of his PJs and put him in his day clothes every day. What's wrong with that? I like to put nice things on him and it's important that they match too. Again, what's wrong with that?

Don't worry. The weather is improving so I'll start to take Tristan out for daily walks. I need to get out myself. I'm getting a bit sick of the same old thing at home. We spend most of the day in the office, living room, or bathroom. We play with the same toys and go through the same baby routines - it's starting to drive me crazy. How do stay-at-home moms bare it? At first, it was new and exciting, but now it feels a little old. I think it's also because Tristan's growth and development is slowing down.

I look forward to every Friday. Daddy is home for the weekend so I get a bit of a break. We normally go out to the mall or go for a walk so it's fresh air for all of us. Today, is the start of the weekend. Daddy will come home and be home for several days because of the Easter long weekend. It's Good Friday tomorrow and he's taking Monday off to work on our iPhone app. I'm hoping to work myself because once again, this week has gone by with very little work done. It won't be all work since my family will be coming over from Victoria. My parents will see Tristan again only for the third time.


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