Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby spit up caught in action! Oops.

Since I tweeted about it, I might as well include it here in the blog too. When it comes to babies and photos, you just snap, snap, and hope for the best. This is sort of why we have hundreds of photos. There are lots of great shots but there are plenty of bad ones too. Some funny, some not. Babies grow so fast and change so much so why not? We must have captured Tristan with every facial expression and when he wears a new outfit, we bring out the camera again. We're new parents - is it obvious???

This morning, I was able to capture this shot and didn't even realize it. I uploaded them right away in iPhoto and was shocked to see it in there. I was also pleased and had to show someone :) Then I Twitpic-ed it (eeks!).


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