Sunday, April 5, 2009

Car seat drama thanks to Daddy dummy

Today, we went to Metrotown to shop. Since it was during Tristan's nap time, we decided to bring the car seat adapter for our Bugaboo stroller so that we could move the car seat directly onto it without disturbing Tristan. Jean-Louis had tested all this out and practiced operating the car seat/stroller system back in November when we bought everything. It's the first time we are using it now. We normally just use the baby carrier since it's faster and easier to move around the shops but it was filthy.

The drama started when we exited the car in the parking lot and Daddy tried to assemble everything together, while Tristan was still sleeping in it. When everything was attached, it just didn't look right. Tristan's head was dipped down and his feet was sticking up. Here was where we then tried to detach everything and try it again. We figured the car seat adapters had to be reversed. Oops. Daddy jammed them in and now they couldn't be removed. Crap. We took Tristan out of the car seat and decided to move everything inside the mall and try to figure it out. While I was holding Tristan, Daddy tried with all his might to pull off the adapters. Cursing, swearing, sweating. It was no use. I handed Tristan over and tried since I was stronger. It was sure stuck and I was afraid to crack and break the adapter. After all, those darn adapters did cost $60!

Since we were so close to Babies R Us, I suggested that we go there since the sales people there are experts when it comes to operating strollers. Too busy. No good. I then suggested we go to Sears since I wanted to go there anyway and we did buy our Maxi Cosi car seat there. It wasn't that busy and we immediately got help when we requested for it. The sales lady told us it was jammed. Damn it. If we can't even remove the adapters, we can't put Tristan back in the car. We were already thinking about taking the skytrain home with him in the baby carrier. Thanks Daddy for ruining all of our Sunday plans! How could you be so dumb?

Now we were feeling desperate. We decided it was okay if the adapter were broken as long as the car seat was okay and we could go home. The Sears sales lady said that she could try and find one of the guys in Shipping to use a tool to remove it but that the adapters may break in the process. Ok, fine. If that is what it will take, fine. We've learned our lesson. Daddy learned his lesson.

10 minutes later, the lady came back, adapters and car seat separated and unharmed in her hands. I was so happy! The next 10 minutes, we tried to assemble everything together again very carefully. It worked and we put Tristan back in the seat.

What was the problem? Well, the adapters have a R and L on them to indicate which should go on the right or left. Jean-Louis placed them on the right and left side of the stroller but the problem is there is no right or left side on the bugaboo stroller. The handle on the stroller can be reversed so each side is a right and a left. The R and L in this case refers to the placement on the car seat. Oops. Warning to all Bugaboo stroller owners with a Maxi Cosi car seat or any car seat that requires a separate car seat adapter: the R and L on the adapters are for the car seat so put them on the car seat first. If you are unsure, look at the way the car seat sits before clipping them in. The car seat should be upright. Ok, lesson learned.


Cindy said...

Quote: Thanks Daddy for ruining all of our Sunday plans! How could you be so dumb?
That`s a little harsh... you should look at being new parents as an adventure together. Things will go wrong, things will go right, just go with the flow!
Enjoy being new parents!

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