Friday, April 17, 2009

Save-On Foods baby program

If you are expecting, know someone who is, or just had a baby, go and join the Save-On Foods baby program. We just received some coupons from them the other day. Coupons are good for a year and some are not even baby related. For examples, we have one for Western Family raisin bread for $1.49, first 2. They are normally $2.99 I think. Daddy is going to like that one :)

To join the baby program, go in the store to get a form, fill it out, and in case they ask for it, bring your baby bracelet from the hospital or birth certificate and you'll receive their baby bag. We didn't have to show anything; the form was enough. The bag contained sample baby products such as diaper rash cream, wet wipes, disposable nursing pads, wash/lotion, and Potty training dvd. There was also 1 newborn diaper that was good for up to 9 lbs. All this is free so if you shop from Save-Ons, go out and get it!


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