Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sleep deprived and unproductive work week

Ups and downs. There will be a good day then a bad day, a good week and then a bad week. C'est la vie.

This past week, I feel especially guilty since I only logged 2.5 hours of billable work and I should be doing at minimum 6. I will try to log another 2 hours this weekend to make up for it. How did this happen? Well, Tristan was having trouble sleeping (he still is). He wasn't sleeping well at night and then it was hard to put him down for his naps too. I was so tired I actually had to take a few naps with him this week. It is usually during his nap time that I can get work done.

The week wasn't a complete disaster. I did get a bit of other work done for myself. I reviewed the current version of our app and started a new revision list. The app is getting better and better but it's just not ready for a release yet. It's a good thing Jean-Louis and I both have an iPod Touch because some functions would work on his but not on mine. It turned out that some of our settings with the date and time screwed things up. We would have never discovered the bugs otherwise.

I started actively tweeting this week on Twitter. Tweeting and reading tweets suck up your time. I some times wonder why I'm adding more work to my daily schedule when I don't have time to spare. I first heard about Twitter over a year ago but never had the interest to join. Now since it's such a big phenomena on the web, I have to join. It's part of my job as an Information Architect and Web Designer to stay current with all the online activities going on. These days, social networking and social media is a huge deal. It's hard to keep up really.

Since Jean-Louis and I are now involved with iPhone Development, I have to immersed myself in the UI Design for the iPhone too and check out as many apps as possible. Apps for tweeting, blogging, and social networking are very popular and is talked about a lot in the news. Some of us are addicted to sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and spend countless hours blogging for fun. It's somewhat fun, I agree, but I do it largely for discovery and research.

Jean-Louis is addicted to Twitter. Oh boy! Poor Tristan is destined to be just like his parents too - a geek. Tristan spends a lot of his day staring at either Mommy's or Daddy's computer or iPod Touch. Oh well.


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