Monday, April 20, 2009

Tristan is 5 months old

There goes another month. After Daddy gets home from work, we're all going to trek up to Save-Ons to pick out our cake to celebrate surviving another month of baby land and parenthood.

We recently bought Tristan lots of clothes from Gymboree. We actually don't have a lot of 6 month size clothes and lately we need to change him twice every day due to poopy accidents. There were lots of great deals still so we didn't actually spend a lot of money. Nothing fancy. Just your every day wear. Initially, when Tristan arrived, we received lots of clothes as gifts. However, like all babies, he grew fast and many of the sizes we received are now either very small (less than 3 months) or too big (more than 6 months). I don't mind buying clothes for him since I love shopping for baby clothes. I don't feel guilty about it since it's not for me and it's so cute and fun.

In terms of development, Tristan can sort of sit up unsupported. He sits fine straight but once he turns to look at something, he slowly falls over. He rolls over from belly to back but not all the time. He moves a lot so it's more difficult to diaper and change his clothes now. He's getting a lot smarter and is so curious of everything. If you talk, he will just stare at you and watch you. He's interested in what I do every day. I call him my little spy :)

It's so much easier to take Tristan out now. He doesn't cry much any more and seems to like car rides. He barely cries in his car seat too! Sometimes we are out for several hours and he's so good. This past Sunday, we took Tristan downtown Vancouver for the first time. We decided to skytrain down at the last minute since we were running late. We had plans to visit my friend downtown and eat at his place. In fact, we were out a lot both days this past weekend. Tristan and I are not used to it and frankly, I'm pooped. I'm glad this week is a stay at home week. We need to recuperate and refuel for the next weekend :)


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