Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tristan's shot day and Mommy is not feeling well :(

I felt queasy half of the day yesterday when we came back to Vancouver. Then last night, after my shower, I vomited quite badly. I hate to vomit. I'm always scared to vomit when I'm nauseous. Unfortunately, it wasn't instant relief after that. Then I got the chills and went to nap. I felt like crap and all I could think of was how am I going to feed and take care of Tristan. I lost a lot of liquid, all my dinner and was really weak. I could not hold Tristan to feed him so I tried doing it from bed. He laid right up next to me and it was actually kind of nice. It worked alright but I don't think he got as much milk though. Boy, I hope all this is just a bad case of food poisoning.

It's terrible to be such a basket-case while taking care of a baby. It's hard enough doing it when you are healthy and can give it 100%. I was stressing out a lot so Jean-Louis agreed to take the day off to help out. Thank goodness. I have been queasy on and off all day. Now, I'm scared about what tomorrow will be like. I managed to have a bit of apple and vegetable soup today but that's all. I wonder what kind of breastmilk I'm producing as a result. Poor Tristan :( I'm still weak and have the chills and I just can't hold him very much. I have to sit down most of the time or I get dizzy. There is no way I can hold him and walk the stairs all day to soothe him. I'm using the pacifier more today for this reason and also because Tristan had his first set of shots at the doctor's office.

Tristan had 3 pokes in his leg. It used to be 4 but the new vaccines are combined in a way so there are fewer pokes necessary. It was bad enough for Tristan though. He cried so hard when it happened and then it was sort of fine. My poor baby. He's on baby tylenol right now.

I've been feeling tired all day and my back is killing me for some reason. What is going on? I hope tomorrow will be okay since Jean-Louis needs to go back to work.


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