Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dunstan Baby Language

According to the Dunstan Baby Language website, the baby cry interpretation only applies for babies from birth to 3 months.  What happens after that period?  I am still unsure.  Right now, Tristan more or less still follows this.

"Neh" means I'm hungry.
"Owh" means I'm tired.
"Eh" means I need to be burped.
"Eairh" means I have gas.
"Heh" means I'm uncomfortable (e.g. I need to be changed, I'm too hot or too cold...).

We find that the first three, Neh, Owh, and Eh, are pretty easy to spot but the last two are questionable some times.  When it's a mix and they are crying for more than one reason, then it's easier just to check everything and see than to try and decipher the cry.

The following are videos I found on the subject.  Have a watch - It's pretty neat.


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