Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spitting up milk

This is my first blog entry from my iPod Touch! It won't allow me to type in the text editor under "Compose" so I'm doing it under "Edit Html."

It's 2:52AM right now and I've already fed Tristan 20 minutes worth of breastmilk. He would drink more but I'm not going to let him. Here is why. At night, he sleeps for longer periods so he's hungry and my breasts become very full. It's then very easy for him to overfeed. When that happens and then I lay him back down to sleep, he grunts and grunts and spits up. It had been happening a lot so now I will try to just limit what he drinks. Feeding is over right now and I have him resting on me in an inclined position so that the milk can flow down to his belly. I'm going to lay him down now and see if he still spits up. It has been about 8 minutes. I'll report the results in the morning, when I get up.

(The next day....) No spit up!  I'll stick to this strategy for now.


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