Sunday, January 18, 2009

A busy weekend for Tristan

We try to do a lot on the weekends because Jean-Louis is home. This weekend was no exception. It was a rather historic weekend for Tristan. First of all, we went out with him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 3 days straight! That's a first. Tristan had his longest car ride also when we went to Kitsilano on Saturday to shop on 4th Avenue.  Boy, do I miss shopping :(  We bought things for Tristan, for me, and lots of delicious fancy bread for us at Terra Breads.  We had to stop by Starbucks for a bathroom stop too.  A coffee stop, of course!  Btw, the London Fog Tazo drink is simply Earl Grey with steam milk.  Nothing special and it costs nearly $5!  Before heading home, we sat in the car (parked along one of the side streets) and I nursed Tristan.  I used a scarf wrap to conceal the front and it worked rather well.  This was my first public feeding experience!  Tristan didn't drink very much though and he totally passed out.  Maybe it was too hot being covered up.

Today, we went out with the stroller for the first time. We bought it back in October, I think, and we're just using it now. Well, the weather has been quite miserable until now really. It is still quite cold though but I knew Jean-Louis really wanted to go for a walk.  Ah, it did us all good to get some fresh air.  Sometimes, Tristan and I would have weeks where we're only outside once.  I think at one point we stayed home 8 days straight!  Sounds a bit nuts but I'm totally fine staying home for long periods.  It's simpler anyway since it's so cold and I'm so busying with Tristan and daily chores.  However, it is getting warmer these days and lighter and I'm finally feeling the urge to get out more.

Bugaboo Frog Preliminary Review

Since it was the first time we used our Bugaboo Frog, I should just write a small review on it.  The ride is nice and smooth but the small wheels are a bit noisy.  Jean-Louis was good to point out the noisy wheels.  The bassinet attaches easily and the handle reverts nicely.  We were actually at Starbucks and I was stuck in a corner before realizing I could revert the handle to push the stroller the other way.  No problemo, I got out without knocking anything over :)  I should also mentioned that we bought the bottle holder for the stroller, specifically to hold our coffees, although that is not what it is meant for.  Inside the bottle, it clearly warns users not to place hot drinks in them.  We're sure it's okay - they just don't want to get sued!  We should warn that you should drink some of your drink first before placing it in since it may splash and make a mess.  That sort of happened to us when we tried to place a full cup in it.

So far, we are happy with the functionality of the stroller.  As for appearances, we love the red color and we felt rather "trendy" pushing it around our south Burnaby neighborhood.  Although, this type of high-end stroller really belongs in a chic neighborhood such as Kitsilano.  In six months, Tristan will outgrow the bassinet and we'll attach the larger seat for him.  I'm looking forward to taking him to restaurants with us so he can sit right up next to us at the table. 


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