Friday, January 23, 2009

How easy they forgive and forget

Tristan cries at the top of his lungs in the evenings when I leave him with Jean-Louis. I step out of my shower and I hear crying most of the time. If there is no crying, it's usually because he has passed out from crying. Jean-Louis always makes sure I hear about it when I go in the office as well. Tristan seems so mad when I leave him to cry like that. Then, we draw him a bath, clean, and change him. We go straight to the feeding from there and he is happy as a clown! He coos, signs, and smiles as he feeds in mommy's arms. It's not always with me. Jean-Louis could take him too and he could be playing and cooing. It seems like they are pissed off one minute and so happy the next. This happens throughout the day and I find it so interesting that babies forgive and forget so easily. Baby psychology... it would be so neat to study baby psychology. They are fascinating beings!

Speaking of crying, Tristan is crying more these days for attention.  It used to be because he was hungry or dirty or uncomfortable but now, he mostly wants to be held and walked around.  Now, we can't do this all the time and as a result, it does seem like there is more crying in the day.  Is this his crying peek or was it back at 6 weeks?  I'm a bit confused.  Anyhow, we've got one needy child here.  We're having to use the pacifier on him more and more too!  I guess everything is normal since he's certainly acting a lot like a "little baby" these days.


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