Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The BabyBjörn effect

We have the BabyBjörn baby carrier and we use it a lot. Since Tristan is so little still and his neck muscles are still weak, we have to face him inwards. For this reason, he gets really hot and since he can't see the world around him, he just falls asleep. This is what I'm calling the BabyBjörn effect. It's common for babies to fall asleep in slings and carriers since they are held close to you and are heated. Knowing this, it would be best to carry them when you know that they need to nap. Otherwise, they would over sleep and then end up staying up longer at night.

We have been out grocery shopping with Tristan many times. Because he is still small and light, we use the sling or baby carrier to take him with us. It works great since our hands are then free to pick out our purchases. I use the sling sometimes at home too when I need to hang laundry or simply to hold him and have my hands free to type at the computer or whatever. Because the sling goes around you on one shoulder, your back and shoulders do ache if you carry for long periods. It wasn't really the case before but I can definitely feel it now that Tristan is heavier. Overall, I love having the sling and Jean-Louis enjoys using the baby carrier.


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