Thursday, January 1, 2009

An afternoon at the mall

Today, the 3 of us went to Metrotown on the skytrain.  It was Tristan's first trip on the skytrain.  We spent a few hours at the mall, which included a first trip to the family room to do a diaper change and then we also had a bottle feeding.  Normally, we only spend an hour away from home to avoid any diaper changes or feeding in public.  We are sort of clean freaks and for good reason since the mall is usually dirty and there are germs everywhere!  Plus, Tristan is so young and he hasn't had any of his vaccinations yet.

It's the first day of the new year 2009 and also my birthday.  Tristan is also exactly 6 weeks old today.  Once again, we couldn't really celebrate since there's still too much snow outside.  Jean-Louis doesn't drive in the snow so we had to cancel our party plan.  Tant pis :(

This is as special as it gets these days.  We went to the mall on a shopping adventure.  It was quite busy there since boxing week sales were still in progress.  On our way back home on the skytrain, Tristan cried and I was embarrassed since everyone stared at us.  We came home very hungry so we defrosted some frozen meatballs, cooked some pasta, and warmed up can pasta sauce for dinner.  In the evening, we rented 27 Dresses from the iTunes Store and watched that while we soothed Tristan from his evening cry.

BTW, Happy New Year everyone!


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