Thursday, August 5, 2010

We don't have a nanny but we do have daycare

Help makes a big difference. No matter how small, it makes a difference to parents of small children. It wasn't until we got into daycare when our baby was 13 months old did I finally get to enjoy a bit of "me" time. Daycare help has made life more enjoyable overall for my baby and I. As a family, we are healthier because I can better take care of things at home and we get more exercise. The downside is the high cost of daycare and only one steady paycheck. Hey, we can't have it all! :)

I often give daycare a lot of credit for helping us out because before them, it was just us. When I say just us, I really mean it too. We had no help from family or friends. In fact, at 20 months, Tristan is just getting to know all of his grandparents. Like many "normal" parents, we also don't hire help such as cleaners, cooks, nannies etc. If it's something one of us can do, we do it. Jean-Louis takes a vacation day every now and then so we can go on a date while Tristan is in daycare. It has worked out quite well :)

Even with Tristan in daycare part time and I am at home to take charge of the house, I sometimes still feel overwhelmed. It's such a challenge to multitask while watching a toddler! I'm looking forward to the day where I can cook freely knowing that Tristan can entertain himself and be safe without my constant supervision.

Normal parents with small children are often overwhelmed because of a lack of help. We cannot afford luxuries like nannies. An article about Hollywood's Dirtiest Little Secret: Nannies motivated me to write this blog post. We all suspect celebrities and very wealthy people to have lots of hired help and this article kind of confirms it. Really, Angelina Jolie has a staff of 25?! I'm not too surprise. What is so awful is that most celebrities don't give their help much credit and that is what the article points out. Instead, celebrities try to hide the fact that they have help and want to be seen as hands on mothers and fathers.

All celebrities have some kind of nanny and those that don't receive lots of help from their family. Of course they do. We are all human and it is just not humanly possible to do it all without help. It's okay too but just admit to it. They don't have to pretend to do everything on their own. We would understand. This is why I love people like Julia Roberts and Michelle Obama. They are not afraid to admit the fact that they have a lot of resources :)


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