Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mommy and Daddy go on a date day

We did it once and got away with it so why not do it again? What is the devious act I'm talking about? Going on a date while Tristan is enjoying daycare - that's what! Last time, we went and saw Avatar 3D and I spend the afternoon preparing hot pot for Jean-Louis' birthday dinner. Today, we did a movie and lunch :)

Jean-Louis took a vacation day off work so that he could have a 4 day long weekend, since tomorrow is Good Friday. To celebrate the early weekend, we went and saw "How to Train Your Dragon" in 2D. 2D because it was free with our General Mills cereal coupon! We bought two boxes of Cheerios for Tristan and got two movie tickets inside for us. The cereal was just $3.99 each. The general admission ticket was $11.75. I can't help but brag since I just love deals like this :)

The movie was good. It had a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Jean-Louis is a huge animation fanatic. I think we were just one of two adult parties there besides a classroom of Kindergarten children. When the pack of kids walked in, we were like CRAP but it turns out they were very well behaved audience members. They were a bit chatty and noisy before the show started but we didn't even know they were there while the film played. When Tristan is older, I think he will like the show. It is such a little boy kind of movie. Now that I think about it, it was ironic that I chose to wear my dragon necklace today. I wasn't even aware of what I was doing :)

After the movie, we drove to Mirch Masala and had lunch. They had excellent reviews on and we both felt like Indian food. It's not something Tristan can eat so this was the perfect chance to have some without him. We hear that the best Indian food in Greater Vancouver is in North Surrey. It's like little India in the Scott Road area. We already tried Mahek two years ago, when I was still pregnant and that was very good. Mirch Masala was delicious and definitely a place I would recommend. Prices are reasonable and we even have food for tomorrow. They have a good selection on their menu but since we were there before 3PM, we wanted to take advantage of their lunch specials. We ordered lamb korma and butter chicken lunch plates. I also ordered the mutter paneer since a lot of people raved about that and extra naan bread. All the dishes were fantastic. Their naan bread was perfect. They looked great; there were barely any oil on it. Our waiter must have forgotten to ask us how spicy we wanted our food but when he brought them to us, nothing was spicy at all. There was just a hint of spice, I guess. If anything, everything could have used a bit more spice. Sometimes, it's annoying when they just assume that we don't eat very spicy food just because Jean-Louis is a "white" guy. Sadly, it's mostly true for him though.


Anonymous said...

What a great date! I want to go there now. I love Indian food ;)

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