Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring time in Vancouver

Sometimes you forget how beautiful Vancouver is until the cherry blossoms take over the city. To me, it's the first sign of Spring. This year, Spring pretty much arrived the beginning of February. It was unusually warm this winter and a bit embarrassing for the city since we were hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver had to haul in snow from hundreds of miles away and then the standing area for spectators was closed on Cypress because it was too dangerous to stand on. Now, that the Olympics are over, I want the rest of the snow to melt so that we can clear the mountains and plan for some hiking trips :)

It's getting warmer and lighter outside each day. Right now the temperature is hovering around a high of 9C. To me, that is still fairly cold so I still dress myself and Tristan in winter coats. I have cold urticaria and I break out in hives quite easily. Tristan already gets sick a lot and I don't want him to be cold. Ok, I know I'm also paranoid.

I love the side streets where all the trees blossom. It's so pretty. Once they blossom, they don't stay lovely very long before the rain and wind washes them on the ground. On our walk to and from daycare every day, we pass by some of these cherry blossom filled streets. We point at the trees and sign flower to Tristan. We take lots of pictures because we always have a camera with us now, thanks to the iPhone :) With a bit of sunshine or overcast skies, Spring time in Vancouver is stunning!


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