Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby loves to greet Daddy

No, Daddy is not here to pick you up. It's just Mommy :( What can I say? Tristan loves his Daddy. For the past 3 months when Tristan first started daycare, I would drop him off in the morning and then in the afternoon, I would walk there and meet Jean-Louis half way and then we would pick Tristan up together. We both love picking Tristan up, especially Jean-Louis. In fact, I caught him smiling one time when we were about 2 minutes away from the daycare. I bug him about it so it's funny :) Tristan's face just lights up when he sees his Daddy. I can't help but smile myself :)

When we arrive at the daycare, Tristan runs to Jean-Louis each time with a big huge smile and hugs him. Each time! I think I have only gotten that kind of reception a couple of times. Even when I step in the door first, Tristan looks past me and searches for Jean-Louis. We actually put this to the test a few times and I don't believe he ever went to me first. Crazy, eh? He just loves his Daddy!

It's wonderful to see the loving bond Tristan and Jean-Louis have right now. It certainly wasn't always like that. Now, we know Tristan adores Jean-Louis but how come he doesn't act all happy when I pick him up? It seems that when kids get older, they tend to favor the parent that would side with them and baby them more. We haven't even begun disciplining him so I don't think that is it. When I got thinking about it, Tristan does the same thing at home when he is home sick with me. When the key goes in the front door, he is already running to see if Daddy is home. When I stayed home with Tristan the first year, Tristan learned that Daddy goes to work during the day and then Daddy comes home in the evening. He is so used to greeting Daddy in the late afternoon.

Yesterday, Jean-Louis started to commute on his bike to work. That means he will no longer be picking Tristan up with me. Well, he could but that would mean I would have to leave Tristan at daycare longer and we would be late for dinner and everything else. I went to pick Tristan up by myself yesterday and I think he was disappointed that I was the only one walking through the door. Poor baby. He was clearly waiting for his Daddy. Sigh. Maybe in a few months, he will get used to me picking him up and give me the kind of reception he is giving his Daddy right now. I just love seeing him all smiley and happy. Or maybe I should adjust our schedule and bring back Daddy? If Tristan heard that, he would be like YEAH!


Anonymous said...

It is such a mixed bag when our kids decide that they love other people. On the one hand, it's marvelous that they have another parent, or grandparents, or supportive friends or what-have-you. On the other hand, I always feel a little hurt. Like, what am I, chopped liver?

I'm sure that Tristan will get into the new routine and eagerly anticipate your arrival. And it really is great that he loves his dad so much.

Kapitan Ho said...

How adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh... tough one. I know Theo has preferred me for some time. Mark then stepped up his attentions and I can see the tideis already turning :! They really are mysterious creatures.

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