Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby loves yogurt, no he doesn't, but yes he does

Let me tell you something about babies. They always change their minds about what they like to eat. One day they can't get enough of something and then the next, they don't want anything to do with it. Or the other way around where they are not interested in the food and then decide oh yeah, I like this!

If we let the baby try a new food, we introduce it over and over, even though he doesn't want to eat it. Depending on his reaction, we may try again the following week. Our rule is that he has to try it first before rejecting it, otherwise we won't really know if he likes it or not. As it turns out, even if they accept it, that doesn't mean they will want to eat it again the next time. If they reject it, that may just mean that they are not in the mood for it at the moment. It's so confusing sometimes!

Plain yogurt was one of Tristan's first foods and he absolutely loved it. It was right up there with bread and cheese as one of his favorites. We fed him a lot of yogurt and for awhile it was actually a daily or every other day treat. A month or so ago, he decided he didn't like yogurt. He would spit it out every time it was in his mouth. Daycare was even surprised because he never does that. We buy different brands all the time and he liked them all. After he rejected it for a few days, I tried switching up the brand but I still got the same reaction. It was so weird. It's as though waking up one day and claiming, I don't like ice cream - yuck! Imagine adults doing that.

A week ago, we decided to try the yogurt again. It has been awhile so we figured why not? We know that sometimes when we bring back old food that he didn't like much, he would be all over it. I call it the novelty effect :) We gave him some Olympic Krema plain yogurt and at first he sort of spat it out. Seconds later, he wanted more. Success! It has been a week now and yes, yogurt is back on the diet :)

Actually, it's not just yogurt. He will sometimes eat lots of something and then decide he doesn't like it anymore, only to rediscover he actually does like it another week. This happened with cauliflower, potatos, strawberries, and blueberries. All the moms reading this are probably nodding their heads in agreement. Most little toddlers are like this, right? I wonder when they grow out of it.


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