Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

For Jean-Louis' birthday today, I told him to take the day off and we'll spend it by watching Avatar and cooking hot pot. We planned this last weekend and of course I was prepared to do all the cooking since he was the birthday boy. Tristan was in daycare so it was a perfect date for us at the movies :) Last time we were together without him, we had gone to see "Up" in the summer and left him with my sister and family at the mall. That was just for 1 hr 45 mins? We already had a hard time being away from him for that long! Now, daycare is just a blessing for us :) I do feel a little sneaky but we pulled this one off. If there is ever a movie we would really like to see in the future, there will always be the option of going during the weekday while Tristan is in daycare. It's brilliant really! Maybe next time we'll even do a lunch and a movie :) It really is nice being alone with just Jean-Louis again.

We cooked hot pot and invited my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew over tonight. We served all the good stuff but it was a little too much. I didn't give myself a lot of time to prepare everything and ended up being stressed out near the end. My heart was racing when the expected time of arrival of our guests came along. It didn't help that Tristan was cranky too and fussing around Jean-Louis. Well, what's done was done and only because it was Jean-Louis' birthday. I made sure he knew I was slaving just for him :) For dessert, we had chestnut cake that my sister and her family brought over. Stuffed and tired are the words! It was all good though. Tomorrow, we go back to normal.

Happy Birthday Jean-Louis! Hope you had a good one :) It was better than mine though, right? ;)


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