Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enjoying the outdoors like tourists

When Tristan came along, we felt a need to tour Vancouver again because he hadn't seen any of it. Even if we went to a place a gazillion times already, we would have to return again because it would be his first visit. First visits are the best visits, although he may not remember much of it right now. First visits also means we have to document it with lots of picture taking! No problem. We love playing tourists in our own town :)

To be honest, we haven't really taken advantage of this summer. When August came along, it suddenly hit us that summer is almost over. Now, we are starting to go out more and walk on trails, pick blackberries, and we're barbecuing in our patio again! Last weekend, we walked all around Deer Lake in Burnaby. The walk was stroller friendly but the trail disconnects here and there and you end up on the road a few times. That, I didn't like much. It was a very hot day too and there was not enough shade along the lake. I would recommend walking there on a day with overcast skies. Since it is so close to us, we will definitely go back!

Today, we went to Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver. It's a nice park with very easy trails and a suspension bridge. Parking is limited but free and so is the park. We went there ages ago because we heard that it had a suspension bridge and it was recommended over the Capilano Suspension bridge. I personally think the Capilano Suspension bridge is not worth it's admission fee and a bit lame. Sorry :( We ended up having a great time at Lynn Canyon. The day was almost ruined because before we left the house, Jean-Louis over pumped the tires on our Bugaboo stroller and while we were on the highway, the tires blew up. It was pretty scary actually. I was very upset but then we stopped by Canadian Tires and bought replacement tubes for them and all seemed fine again :) So thankful! After all that delay, we actually ended up not using our stroller much.

Lynn Canyon is a great park to walk in but not with a stroller. There is a suspension bridge and then everywhere you go there are steps and stairs. We did plan to take the stroller apart and then walk over with it but we decided not to and it was a good thing. Tristan wanted to walk, of course, and we wanted to take pictures and it would have been a nightmare lugging all of our stuff around. We saw another family carry over their stroller but then they had a lot of people with them. We also saw another family push their stroller over the suspension bridge! I'm not even sure they are allowed but they did it. Tristan did great walking around the park. He even did stairs up and down. We barely carried him at all. He should be able to sleep well tonight! :)


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