Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finally moved toddler into his own bedroom!

I wish we had thought about this way back when I was just a little bit pregnant. It didn't occur to me because we had lots of space in our master bedroom and we had planned on placing the crib in the far corner for the first few months. A few months turned into 20 months.

Why did we take so long to move the baby into his own bedroom? Because his room is on the floor below us and knowing he would be down there on his own didn't sit well with us. It wasn't a big disturbance having him in our room since he has been sleeping through the night since he was just 5 months old. The odd time we would have to get up to check on him or give him water. That has been the case lately since his molars are finally visible. At least that is what we figured. Even with him just 8 steps away from us, some times we even feel lazy to get up.

We knew it was beginning to get ridiculous that he was still rooming with us but we really didn't feel comfortable leaving him alone on a different floor than us. Our computers are on the floor below us and we are already paranoid and protective of them. Yeah, we're a little nuts :)

Today was a big day. We finally moved him downstairs into his own room. To solve our problem, we moved down with him. Instead of being upstairs, we will now be in the room next to him. As long as we are on the same floor, it's all cool with us :) Swapping our master bedroom with our office was no small move but I think it went as well as we could have hoped for. Our upstairs master bedroom is now our new office, play room, and laundry room. It just had to be done since we were swapping one room for two. In many ways it's good and in other ways it's going to be harder.

The good:
  • Tristan gets to be in his own room and will no longer grow used to rooming with us
  • We get more privacy
  • We are all on the same sleeping floor but in separate rooms (had to mention that one again:)
  • We finally get to decorate Tristan's room
  • We were forced to organize and clean
  • We have a larger office, which we really needed
  • Things make sense now since we spend most of our time in the office
  • We can watch movies on our computer in a bigger room in comfortable chairs
  • Heating the master bedroom is hard but now the computers will help us
The bad:
  • Bringing the wet clothes upstairs will be more work
  • Going from kitchen to office will take a lot more steps
  • Getting ready in the morning for myself will be harder (until I get used to it)
  • Enabling direct Internet access may take a phone call and more wires
  • Summers will be unpleasant since the top floor is the hottest and the computers are there too
  • We have to adjust to the transition, especially me since I have to change our morning routine
Master bedroom before and after photos:


harriet glynn said...

Wow. We spent two nights with Theo in our room, and had to move him into his own room. The snoring was killing me! Of course, we still had to get up all the time to attend to him (and we still do). I think we are a bit weird that way. I wish I could sleep better with him. This past holiday, he slept with us and we were basically all exhausted most of the holiday.

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