Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spit up nothing compared to baby vomiting

Today, Tristan vomited for the first time. I used to question whether he was throwing up or spitting up milk before since he did it a lot and it was very messy but after what I saw today, I would have to say that up until now he was just spitting up milk.

We were at my sister's place in Maple Ridge sitting on the couch when I heard a small strange sound from Tristan. I thought hey, a new sound! Then soon after that a fountain of vomit came out and spewed right onto us both, onto the couch and then on the carpet. M'aidez! Tristan's face was all red when it happened. Seconds after, he did it again! I now know what projectile vomit is like for a baby. Luckily, Jean-Louis and my sister were in the room and responded to the cry for help right away.

I was shocked. How did such a small body vomit so much fluid? Milk, cereal, peas mixed in with stomach acid. Okay, that was too much detail. Poor Tristan. The weird thing was that I totally didn't see it coming. He didn't act like he was not feeling well and he was rather mellow and we didn't move him much after I fed him.

We introduced a new food to him that morning. Mashed green peas. I fed that to him and then rice cereal. Maybe I fed it to him too fast and then we went driving for about an hour. Then I fed him breastmilk and it was quite hot. I mostly blame the hot weather for this. He was overdressed even though he was just in shorts and a t-shirt. That was actually the first time he did not wear a long sleeve and pants outside of the house. It turned out he still wore too much.

After losing that much liquid from his body, I knew he was dehydrated so we gave him water, just a bit at first. He mostly drank water and breastmilk after that. We decided to forget about the peas during dinner and only give him oatmeal cereal after his milk feeding. Hopefully, that was the end of it. We'll have to add that to the list of questions we have for our doctor tomorrow when we go for his shot appointment.


Amy said...

I totally agree! This just happened to us as well. We were feeding him peas (day 2) and laughing at his funny faces and then all the sudden we were covered in formula, oatmeal and pea goo! Totally disgusting!

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