Friday, May 8, 2009

Babies that learn baby sign are smarter

We heard that you can teach babies sign language at 6 months of age. It appears that you can start even earlier. We want to communicate with Tristan better so here we go. He loves it when we move and use body language so this should be fun for him. Since we started, he seems very interested when we sign to him. This is work and learning on our part but we hope that it will pay off and we will be able to understand each other better.

This is now day two of using sign language to Tristan. We bought the baby sign book at Babies R Us but it's also available at Amazon for a better price! It's very easy to use and it's more than enough to keep you learning and teaching for awhile. We are starting with about 10 words which we are constantly using with him. These signs include Mommy, Daddy, milk, eat, toy, sleep, look, boy, red etc. We don't want to teach too much at a time. He has to get used to just a few first. The idea is to sign as often as possible. It feels a bit awkward at first and it certainly takes getting used to. It's a bit challenging too because you need your arms and hands to do it and we are always waiting for him to look at us first.


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