Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Being a stay at home mom is hard enough

I guess I really had to learn it the hard way by trying to be a full time mom and work part time from home. Lately, I just haven't been able to get much billable work done. I probably log something like 30 minutes every day and that's mainly to handle email and do a bit of research.

As a stay at home mom, I have to do all the baby stuff with Tristan as well as all the wife stuff like laundry, cook, ensure we have supplies and make sure the house is in order. Think of it as house management or project management for the house, if you are a geek. I also look after all the finances and take care of things for our side business. For instance, I had to make 2 phone calls today regarding our mortgage renewal and Jean-Louis' income tax assessment. Sorting those things out have been an ongoing task for a few days and the phone call basically consumed all of Tristan's nap time. Well, at least it is taken care of now!

When it comes to the baby stuff, I could make my life easier by not pumping breastmilk daily for cereal feedings and just use water. I could also simplify things by not using reusable diapers as much since they involve more time to maintain. I could leave Tristan in his sleeper all day too since we don't go out anyway. But I would feel like I was slacking if I did those things. There are already quite a few things that I don't do, which I probably should be doing. For instance, cleaning the house more often and properly cleaning his toys and feeding utensils. Going out more often too for fresh air, socializing, and a change in scenery. Ok, so it appears I could still be doing a lot more!

When one thing gets easier, something else gets harder. Moms all know this too well. Feeding Tristan is more work now that he is on solids. I have eliminated his breastmilk feeding in the middle of the night and that's going pretty well. Because he is not interrupted, he sleeps better through the night. However, wake up time is still around 6 or 6:30AM....zzzz. No, we haven't started sleep training yet :) Now, we're agreeing to start after his 6 month shot next week. So we say.

Tristan is just on cereal right now but I will be introducing veggies or beans soon. I find that he is constipated so I can no longer predict when he is going to have a poop. So much for potty training for number 2. His diet is about to change quite a bit so it will be even harder to guess. I don't know much about what and when to feed him so I'm going to a nutrition class next week to learn about it. Yes, one more new thing to add to my long todo list. C'est la vie!


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