Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tristan is 6 months old

It's Tristan's half birthday today. Can't celebrate today though since Daddy won't be here tonight. He's off to a iPhone meetup downtown. These meetups take place once a month so he got the okay from us to attend. Instead, we will celebrate tomorrow night.

Tristan, Tristan, Tristan. He has become quite the handful. Today, he's a big crank. Other days, he is very good and plays happily by himself. Guess, it's a good thing we are not celebrating today.

Solid food has made Tristan's poops more solid. In its current state, I kind of like it. It's easier to clean and it doesn't leak much and stain his clothes. But he isn't even eating much rice cereal yet. The rice cereal has eliminated one of his poops so now he only goes twice a day. That's better also. The introduction to solids is the biggest change for him right now.

Tristan has outgrown more of his clothes. Some of the clothes from 3-6 months no longer fit him so I have put them away. He is not big enough for the 6-12 month clothes yet though.

Tristan sits very well now. He barely tips over now. We leave him on the floor and check on him every minute. He doesn't hurt himself when he falls but he does scare himself and then he cries.

His cries are starting to sound more like whines to me, which is totally annoying. I leave him and watch him sometimes just to see what he does. He seems to have a lot of perseverance. I can see him crying non-stop for a long time. Sleep training is going to suck - big time! The plan is to start a no-crying method this weekend, unless something else comes up.

We now have 6 months of experience taking care of a new baby. Here is to surviving this long! Woohoo! Tristan can definitely interact with us more and we love making him laugh. I think the laughter of a baby is one of the best sounds you will ever hear :-)

Perhaps the worst is behind us now but we still have a long way to go. We're not at the place where we can honestly say that we love to spend every minute with him. In fact, both Mommy and Daddy wish to have a break from the baby. I have been itching to travel somewhere. Sadly, this may end up being the first year we don't go anywhere :( Oh well.... I'll make sure we have a great summer anyway in Vancouver.


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