Monday, June 1, 2009

Parent & Infant Group at Bonsor Recreation Center

Today, I got Jean-Louis to take a vacation day from work so that he could bring us to the nutrition class at the Bonsor Recreation Center. It's part of the Parent and Infant Group gathering they have every Monday 10:30-12:00. If there was one class I was going to go to, it would be this one. Our visiting nurse told us we should go to this one and I have a lot to learn in this area. To our surprise however, the nutrition class was swapped for the class on "sleep." I got Jean-Louis to call before we left to make sure it was still on but they must not have understood him. Anyway, I guess I will trot myself and Tristan over there next Monday to attend the nutrition class.

It was our first experience at a parent group get together. It's pretty much like what I had imagined; moms and their babies, strollers and toys everywhere, fussy babies etc. These groups can't last very long because after about 30 minutes, babies start to get cranky all over. Tristan was no different. It was around his nap time though.

Jean-Louis was actually not the only father there. There was one other guy and he had a fussy baby! It was interesting to see babies all around Tristan's age, what they were wearing and all the baby products. I saw a Stokke stroller, other Bugaboo strollers, and we had the same toy as at least 2 other moms nearby. There was a mom right in front of us breastfeeding - I'm sure Jean-Louis liked that (not!). Although I think she was using her breasts as a soother for her baby. She had really tiny breasts too for someone lactating. As anti-social as we were, we left after the session without having talked to anyone. Tristan was also asleep and we wanted to leave without waking him.

The experience was nice. The talk was okay. We already knew most of the stuff being presented. There were a few good points we took away from it. Sleep issues are personal and if you don't have a problem with your baby's current sleep, then it's okay to continue doing what you are doing. Don't feel like you have to change things because your mother-in-law doesn't approve or your neighbor doesn't approve. I thought that was a good point.


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