Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tristan is 7 months old

There goes yet another month. Hooray Tristan for making it this far! Hooray Mommy and Daddy too!

Tomorrow we will be enjoying cake. We actually bought it today and decided to just have it tomorrow to celebrate both Tristan's 7th month and Daddy's first Father's Day. Felt a little silly getting 2 cakes so we didn't :)

What has happened in the past month? Well, our contraction tracker app got released, but I've already blogged plenty about that :) Tristan has been mostly good in the past month and is doing very well. He is practicing sitting and rolling a lot. He can't crawl yet but he looks close. He keeps sticking his butt in the air and he sort of wiggles his way on the floor so he's close! His arms are strong since he gives himself tummy time in his crib but he hasn't quite learned how to move on his knees yet. Lately, he has been very active too and he is quick! Maybe it's time to baby proof the house a bit more.

Tristan is eating more and more solid food. He's still a vegetarian at the moment. We're going to introduce meat into his diet this month. Right now, he is enjoying rice and oat cereal, vegetables, fruits, lentils, and tofu. He's still on breastmilk but I am only feeding him 3 times during the day. We also give him water from time to time in his sippy training bottle so that he can learn how to drink on his own.

We started sleep training Tristan last week and we are still recording data tonight. I will be blogging about this shortly to report on the progress. Sleep training has been a challenge for all of us.

Another big change I have noticed is that he cries a lot less with Jean-Louis now. In fact, if you ask Jean-Louis he will actually admit that he somewhat looks forward to coming home from work to see Tristan now. It takes Tristan a few seconds but his face lights up when Daddy greets him after he enters the house. It's lovely to see :)


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