Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Father's Day for Daddy

When asked, Daddy says he had an okay day. For me, it was like any other week day. We did have a nice breakfast though. Coffee, warm croissants with nutella spread, and a pineapple taro bun. After that we worked a bit. I also got to finish off a movie I started creating ages ago in iMovie so that was great. In the afternoon, Jean-Louis had to run an errand and he was gone for a few hours. In that time, Tristan had one of the biggest poops I have seen from him! Luckily, it didn't smell as horrible as it looked. It was a reusable diaper though so I had to rinse it in the toilet - gross! He evacuated so much that I think he is good for a few days now.

Daddy arrived home at dinner time and we had a small celebration, mostly with leftovers from yesterday's meal. After we fed ourselves and Tristan, I cut Jean-Louis' hair while Tristan sat in the exersaucer watching us. Yes, he cried but just a bit. It definitely wasn't as bad as all the previous times I cut hair. Tristan can play by himself a bit more now, plus he is starting to learn that we cannot hold him all the time.


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