Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dad's birthday/retirement party

This past weekend, we went over to Victoria to celebrate my Dad's birthday and retirement. The weather was beautiful and we got a chance to video some of it on our HD camcorder. It's definitely much easier to travel with Tristan now. It was a bit stressful not having a travel bed for him though. It wasn't practical for him to sleep on the floor so we had to put him to sleep in the playpen. I know you aren't supposed to let babies sleep in the playpen but it was only for one night so we just did it. I was also worried that since we were traveling, Tristan's schedule would be totally wonky and that he would not be able to sleep on his own. He has been on sleep training for over 2 weeks now and we didn't want one night to ruin it. I don't think it would have ruined it anyway since a baby forgets in 3 days, isn't it? Luckily for us, he only cried about 25 minutes before passing out.

Tristan got to see more family members, which is always a good thing. We also saw my friend and her kids. All this socializing is great for him. He wasn't too scared and didn't fuss much when others held him. I'm glad!

Every time we are in Victoria, it is always so calm. The city and its people are so easy going and relaxed. I do miss it. It's hard to imagine how I could survive living in Vancouver since I spent most of my life in Victoria. Then again, Vancouver is quiet compared to Paris. Every time we are there, Jean-Louis always comments on how it would be nice to live there instead. The reality is, there just aren't that many jobs for us. But it would be nice.

On the Sunday, we celebrated my nephew's 2nd birthday. It's the terrible, terrible twos, if you ask me. My sister sure has her hands full. If the twos are like this, I sure don't look forward to it. Tristan is already driving me nuts! Yes, busy weekend and we're glad to be home, as usual. There is no place like home :)


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