Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stevenston village is kid friendly

Today we decided to drive out to Stevenston village to check it out and to take Tristan biking at the park. I heard good things about this village over at yoyomama and always wanted to check it out.

When we arrived, we were surprised to see that it was a market day. I think they have markets every other Sunday but I didn't check the schedule beforehand. This may have changed now but I was happy to see the market there. What can I say? I love markets! I figured it was the market that made the place so busy. We had a lot of trouble finding parking and had to circle back and forth. Apparently, it's busy like that every weekend.

We walked down to the pier and found Pajo's there. Since it was recommended by so many people, I wanted to try it out. I ended up lining up for 30 minutes in the heat while Jean-Louis and Tristan strolled around. We grabbed the fish & chips to go and sat on the grass in the shade by the market. It was good but I'm not a big fish & chips kind of person so after one or so pieces, I felt kind of grossed out. As far as fish & chips go though, Jean-Louis and I both thought it was tasty.

After lunch, we headed over to Rocanini for coffee. We skipped the siphon coffee this time and just had an iced latte. It was good and refreshing. We headed across the street to the playground and was stunned by how huge it was. It was like five playgrounds side by side and a water park too. HUGE! Behind the playground was a trail that was excellent for biking so Tristan went on that. There was no time for anything else. Next time we go back to Steveston, we'll have to play in the playground and visit Garry Point Park.


harriet glynn said...

Right now Steveston is one of my favorite places to go with Theo. So much good stuff all walkable once you've FOUND a parking spot ;) Love that cafe!

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