Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What we did for Father's Day

What was supposed to have been a home barbecue turned into a weekend trip over to Victoria at the last minute. We invited my parents over earlier in last week but they didn't want to come over so we decided to head over ourselves. It was also an occasion to celebrate my dad's upcoming birthday this week.

We went out to eat at Heron Rock Bistro Saturday night with the family. It was us, my parents, my two brothers, and my niece. The food was surprisingly good. I'm not a big burger person but their chicken burger was quite tasty. Their steak apparently was very good too. We went home after wards to have cake. Tristan had a small sliver of chocolate cake so we had to take him out to exercise. My parents tagged along to Dallas Beach where we let Tristan bike a bit. It was really windy down there so we took out the kite as well. By the time we got home, it was past 9PM. By the time we all bathed and showered it was more past 11PM. Tristan slept past 11PM for the first time ever. He only napped maybe 15 minutes that day too. The next day he still woke up at 7AM!

On Sunday morning, we went to the flea market with my parents. After wards, Jean-Louis and I pushed Tristan for a run down to the beach. It was a nice 8.8km run to Dallas and through Beacon Hill Park. Then we met my friend and her two boys for some play time at a nearby park. We had late brunch plans with the family at 2PM. It was the only time we could get in unfortunately. We went to Aura Restaurant at the Laurel Point Inn for their Father's Day BBQ brunch buffet. It was good but not as great as what I remembered at the hotel. It was also held on the restaurant side rather than in the big banquet room in the previous years. The food was good but the selection was small. They had a big selection on breads and crackers though.

Overall, it was a productive and enjoyable trip to Victoria. Good food and Tristan got to spend more time with his grandparents (Gong and Ma) and see other family members he normally doesn't see.

Finally, Jean-Louis got a Father's Day gift from daycare as well! It's nice but we both think my Mother's Day gift was cooler :)


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