Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekends are full of activities now

We do our grocery shopping on the weekend. Boring, I know but it's the only time we can be very productive doing it. I sometimes grab a few things like milk and fruit during the week day but most of our shopping is on the weekend. This Saturday, we shopped in the morning, had lunch at home, then headed off to the bike festival hosted by MEC. It was gloomy and it rained on and off but when we arrived at the festival in the Athletes village, it stopped raining and the sun even came out a few times. It was a nice event. I'm not into bikes but Jean-Louis and Tristan are so it was great. We played a game where we had to go through 10 booths to collect passport stamps for Tristan. At the end, we got a couple of cool prizes. Tristan got a bell for his bike, as well as a small light.

At the first booth, Tristan tried out some of the bikes, but most of them were too high for him. He went on a pedal bike for the first time but he didn't know what to do and Jean-Louis basically pushed him along. Finally, we put him on a wooden running bike and he just took off! He went so fast. Give him something he's familiar with and he'll know exactly what to do with it. The other kids on the running bikes looked like they were trying it for the very first time. Besides riding bikes, we also watched the bike stunt show, which was pretty cool. Jean-Louis went for a test ride with Tristan attached to a bike seat. Because of the weather, there weren't many people at all. We loved it!

On Sunday, we headed to Broadway for Greek Day. It was our first time there. We heard about it in previous years but we just never got to go. This year I was reminded countless times about the event through Facebook and Twitter. In fact the event coordinator is a friend of mine on Twitter! I just had to go this year, obviously :)

It was hot on Sunday! I overdressed myself and Tristan. Ugh. The crowds at Greek Day made it even hotter. We arrived shortly after opening and the place was packed within 30 minutes. I think the nice weather brought out everyone! Greek day is known as a family-friendly event but with the crowds it almost seemed insane to bring small children. Tristan is at that age where he doesn't get overly stimulated in large crowds but I was scared of losing him. He likes to walk on his own a lot and I almost lost Jean-Louis and Tristan in the crowd that day.

On Broadway, they had two areas where they set up the kids zone. Tristan played fishing and then got a prize. We were going to line up for cotton candy but thought it was a bad idea before lunch. After lunch however, the line up was insane so we couldn't even do it. Oh well. The cotton candy was more for us than Tristan anyway. We lined up for the Shrek air castle. It was Tristan's first time in one and from the outside, it looked like so much fun! Too bad he was too small to climb and slide down but he still had a thrill walking inside. I would have love to have gone in myself. I have never been inside one before. If Tristan was a summer baby, we would totally rent one of those!

We ate greek food, watched some music performances, walked around, stopped by a nearby coffee shop, and then took off when Tristan started to go a little bananas. It was way past his nap time. We also had other plans that day to go shop at MEC, take Tristan on a bike ride, and cook dinner. Yes, the weekends are beginning to feel a bit hectic but it's awesome :)


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