Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dinner punishment for toddler

I made pizza for dinner today. I tried a new recipe for the crust and it turned out quite well. I also tossed pizza dough for the first time today. A few words of caution: flour and cornmeal will get all over the place when dough is tossed. Also it's easier to toss than it is to catch! But you probably could have guessed that, right? :)

I was looking forward to having homemade pizza and to have Tristan try my homemade pizza. After we picked Tristan up from daycare, Jean-Louis took him out to bike for a bit while I assembled and baked the pizzas. When they got back Tristan had to pee so Jean-Louis took him up for cleaning and to use the toilet. Then Tristan threw a tantrum. Moments later, Jean-Louis yelled. Apparently, when it came time to pee, Tristan said he didn't have to and then he ended up peeing in his pants, all while having a tantrum. Jean-Louis threatened him with the pizza at some point and so he had to follow through. Curse it! I was ticked off. I made all this great pizza and Tristan couldn't even taste any. He ended up just having a Vietnamese coleslaw salad for dinner. We all had coleslaw but Jean-Louis and I were the only ones enjoying fresh homemade pizza. Sadly:( Tristan did eventually finish all of his salad though so that was a plus.

After dinner, I lectured Jean-Louis not to ever gamble dinner like that. It's hard enough to get Tristan to eat some times so he shouldn't have gambled the main course. Besides, it's not like it was unhealthy since it was homemade from scratch. Am I right?

Our dinner:

Pizza toppings:
maple ham, pineapple, beech mushrooms, fresh basil, fresh tomato, orange bell peppers, pesto chicken breast, cheddar, mozzarella

pesto, store bought pizza sauce

Tristan's dinner:


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