Sunday, August 30, 2009

My baby is going to daycare September 1st

I'm going to blog about this now because I don't want to think about it too much tomorrow. Tomorrow will be Tristan's last full day with me before he starts daycare. He will be in daycare 2 days a week for the month of September. If all goes well, we may increase that to 3 days a week the following month. I feel lucky we found a daycare for Tristan with such short notice. We couldn't get in the group care we signed up for 6 months ago. I think we are still number 50 or so on their wait list. Unfortunately, I just couldn't wait any longer.

The YMCA Child Care Resource & Referral sent me a list and I was able to find a vacancy at a family care at Brilliance Daycare. It is a 19 minute walk from our house and I had a good tour of the place a couple of weeks ago. The only downside at the moment is that the caregivers there do not speak English very well. They speak Mandarin and all the kids that go there are either Chinese or Korean. That may make it hard for them to tell me certain things about Tristan. Guess we'll see. That also means that Tristan will probably be learning a fourth language, Mandarin.

I am sad that I have to give him up part time because I can't care for him while I work at home. It has gotten to the point where it is almost impossible to do chores even while I let him roam around. We're baby-proofing our place now but there is only so much we can proof. There are hazards everywhere you look! We cannot contain him in his playpen too long without him protesting and keeping him away from people is not healthy either. Therefore, daycare will be as great for him as it will be for me. I am falling so behind in work and watching Tristan is so tiring these days. I thought I could do it all. Watch him full time and work part time. Sadly, I can't and now I have to send him off to daycare with strangers during the day (sniff, sniff). The first day in daycare when I drop him off is going to be a hard one for me, especially if he cries when I leave :( The longest Tristan has ever left us was for 2 hours and that was with a family member too. Can I do this? I'm having all sorts of fears about it. I'm dreading Tuesday.


Amber said...

Just found your blog, hugs for daycare.

Can you stay the first few times?

If this situation doesn't work out, I'd suggest sharing a nanny.

I think communication over your child is so vital, hope you can find a way to clearly communicate his needs and yours.

hugs again.

Tom said...
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