Saturday, August 8, 2009

Progress on standing and sleeping

Tristan is more or less back to his old sleeping routine. It was a frustrating week since he would constantly stand or sit in his crib. For some time, he was visibly scared to let go after standing up and holding onto the bars. That was last week. This week we gave him plenty of practice getting up and down on his own on various objects in the house. He bumped himself a few times here and there and is still healing from a bruise on his cheek. It is hard to let him hurt himself but we are trying our best to be less protective of him in order for him to progress in his motor skills.

Because he is able to confidently get back down and lie down, he can put himself to sleep again. We don't have to worry as much either since he doesn't fall as much or slam his face on the bars of the crib. Now when he is awake though, he is always standing up holding the bars and crying :)

We aren't in the clear yet since it still takes him a bit longer to sleep now and some times we still find ourselves aborting the nap altogether. We had to do that this morning actually. We tried putting him down again for his nap an hour later and by this time he was super tired and fell asleep within 2 minutes. Yeah, getting a baby to sleep, even a trained sleeper, is difficult. Luckily, things are looking brighter and I actually never had to give Tristan Tylenol. I kept resisting and now I don't think we need it. His second tooth is still coming out and he uses this teeth a bit to bite food. I noticed that yesterday when I gave him some of my watermelon.


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