Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twitter CEO's wife Sara used the Contraction Tracker

Today, we are excited to find out that Sara, Twitter CEO Evan's wife, used our iPhone app to time and track her labor contractions. She went into labor yesterday and tweeted "The Contraction Tracker was fun until the contractions got painful." It's not the first time someone has tweeted during their labor but these guys are the founders of Twitter so the entire Twitterverse was listening. I store a search on "contraction tracker," in case we get feedback from users on Twitter and it was loaded with updates this morning. Wow! I also noticed news articles popping up talking about it too. Very cool.

If you ever want visibility for your app, have someone of importance use it and then tweet or blog about it. So lucky to have it happen for us. She chose us over the dozen or so contraction apps in the App Store. We must be doing something right :)

Hope Sara is doing well. I feel for her. Her water broke first, just like mine did. I hear that contractions come harder and is more painful when that happens. I had horrible contractions every 3-5 minutes from the start and it lasted nearly 12 hours. So glad I'm not there anymore!


Ming Hua said...

It's so exciting!!!

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