Monday, December 8, 2008

First day alone with Tristan

Jean-Louis went back to work today after taking 2 weeks off.  We both didn't have a great night since Tristan wouldn't feed and sleep like we had hoped.  I was a bit scared to be alone with him since I couldn't watch him all the time by myself.  Forget about cooking - it's hard just to heat up pre-cooked food and sit down to eat it.  I had to leave him several times crying just so I could pee, wash the dishes, etc.  Tristan wouldn't sleep much today so that may be good news for us tonight.  I'm certainly crossing my fingers.

Today I was able to accomplish pretty much nothing aside from taking care of Tristan.  Feeding him is still very demanding.  It's mostly every 2 hours and some times 3 if he has a good feeding in the previous session.  I was counting the number of times we feed and it's around 10-12 times a day.  The feeding sessions last around 20-30 minutes each and based on those numbers, we estimate that I spend 30-35 hours a week just feeding him.  That's a lot of breast time!  It's almost a full time job alone to feed him.  Luckily, diapering has tapered off a bit.  We change him maybe 6-7 times a day now.  The first 2 weeks we actually went through 132 diaper changes :(  Eeeks!  It's so wasteful but was necessary for us newbies.  This is a big learning process for us and we're becoming more and more efficient and conservative every day at how we handle Tristan.

When Jean-Louis came home, I finally got a chance to get something done.  I finished scanning all the photos my mom dropped off.  Tonight, I also got to prepare a claims forms for our extended health coverage and now I'm blogging a little :)


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