Friday, December 19, 2008

Another rough night

Man, just when I thought we were progressing and then another sleepless night.  Tristan was completely passed out for most of the evening, which I thought was a bad sign.  When it was time to sleep, he was wide awake of course.  He woke up every 1-2 hours to feed last night and did not go to sleep after each feeding either.  I was pooped!  With all the feeding and rocking him to sleep, I didn't get to snooze much.  He kept spitting up milk too, which is probably why he became hungry more often.  I did what I could to avoid spits.  I moved slowly, held him upright for a bit and made sure he drank slowly.

Okay, I got one last thing I need to vent about.  My nipples are screaming for their lives again.  Night feedings are bad because I'm tired and we are both wearing a ton of clothes, which all makes latching on properly more difficult.  Tristan doesn't make it easy either when he only opens a small mouth.  Plus I'm so uncomfortable.  Feeding in bed with pillows is uncomfortable.  Feeding in the chair with the foot stool is uncomfortable.  It's so cold and I had another itch attack from my eczema and cold hives.  My arms are starting to look bloody from all my scratching - it's gross but it feels so gooood to scratch.


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